How Well Do You Know Your City's History?
Find out by taking the quiz below!

This QUIZ was brought to you by the NPL Teen/YA Services and NPL Archival Center.
1. What year did Newburyport officially become a city? *
10 points
2. Photo ID challenge
2. What stands here today? *
10 points
3. Photo ID challenge
3. What popular spot exists on the left corner here today? *
10 points
4. True or False? Lord Timothy Dexter was Newburyport's First Mayor. *
10 points
5. Photo ID challenge
5. What is the current name of the white building near the corner? *
10 points
6. Who visited the library when it was owned by the Tracy Family? Check all that apply. *
10 points
7. Photo ID challenge
7. This one is hard! Can you identify where this photo was taken? *
10 points
8. What industry dominated the South End/Joppa in the late 1800s and early 1900s? *
10 points
9. Photo ID challenge
9. What is this building? *
10 points
10. Newburyport is popularly known as the ________ City. *
10 points
For an extra 25 points, what building exists on this corner today?
25 points
Clear selection
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