AC Unit Report Form
If you live in the ICC house during the summer, you must be aware of the ICC AC Unit Policy per Standing Rules 9.11 below.

Houses utilizing window air conditioning units will be charged per air conditioning unit per month based on the rate in 9.11.1; 9.11.2 et seq. shall only apply to the Spring/Summer contract periods.

9.11.3MONTHLY RATE: Facilities Management Committee shall set the monthly rate for air conditioning units for the upcoming fiscal year using the following formula: 0.55 (kW) x 240 (hr/month- based on 8 hr/day usage) x Total DTE Residential Electric Rate.
Roommates may agree to split the monthly rate of the AC unit charges evenly. Facilities Management Committee must be informed of this agreement.
If the AC unit is after the first day of a given month, the monthly rate will be prorated. As a reference, the prorated monthly rate = month rate x (number of days in the given month of which the AC unit was installed inclusive / total days of the given month). The date of installation must be reported correctly to receive the prorated charge.
AC units installed in common spaces must be agreed upon by the house members prior to the installation. The cost will be determined by the monthly rate / number of house members. This cost will be split evenly among all house members.
9.11.4 INCORRECTLY INSTALLED AIR CONDITIONERS: Air conditioning units that have been incorrectly installed will be charged at 3 times the rate in 9.11.1.
9.11.5 Members can request assistance from their house maintenance managers or maintenance team when installing their air conditioning units.
9.11.6 REPORTING: Houses are responsible for reporting the number of air conditioning units that they will be utilizing every contract period within two weeks of the start of the contract period and whenever the number of units changes.
A. House Presidents or Interim Managers shall inform members of air conditioning policy at the first house meeting of every contract period.
B. Houses that under-report number of air conditioning units upon subsequent checks by the Facilities Management Committee may be fined up to $100 by the Facilities Management Committee."

Please self-report your AC unit in the form below so we can track and prorate your AC unit charges. Alternatively, you can ask your house officers to report the AC unit information to us for you. If you have any questions about your AC unit charges, please contact

By submitting this form, you are verifying that the information provided is correct and that you read and agree to adhere to our ICC AC unit policy above.
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