NDIS Feedback
The survey below is anonymous. Polio Australia is interested to hear your feedback on how you have found the NDIS experience.

We are seeking information to better understand the experiences of those who have applied for NDIS, and those currently with the NDIS. This will allow Polio Australia to support polio survivors with information to address key issues and provide feedback to the disability sector.

The results from this survey will be shared with polio survivors (no identification of individual responses, or names).

If you have any questions related to this survey, please contact Paul Cavendish (Clinical Health Educator, Polio Australia): T: 0466 719 013; E: paul@polioaustralia.org.au.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

1. Did you have assistance with completing the application for NDIS support?
2. When did you apply for the NDIS?
3. What state/territory did you live when you applied for the NDIS?
4. Did you have a medical or health professional complete an Access Request Form for evidence related to your disability?
5. Was the main reason cited in the Access Request Form related to your disability from polio?
6. Do you believe the health or medical professional had difficulty with the process of completing the Access Request Form?
7. Do you believe the health or medical professional had difficulty understanding your health condition?
8. Did you provide any material for your health or medical professional on the Late Effects of Polio / Post-Polio Syndrome?
9. What information could assist health and medical professionals to understand the effects of polio to complete the Access Request Form?
10. Were you successful in your application for NDIS support?
11. What do you believe were the reasons behind a successful second application for the NDIS eligibility? Please comment below.
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