Pop-Culture Book Survey
I am conducting a survey for my analytics course & capstone course as part of my Masters in Publishing program. It'd be great if you could answer a couple of questions about your choices in books or media, even if you're not a reader. Thank you!
Would you consider yourself a reader? *
Have you read a book where music or a musical artist was a theme, subject, or feature in the past year? *
If yes, then what genre of music was the music-related book or books you read within the past year? (Rock, pop, etc...)
Would you rather read a fictional book where music was used as a thematic device, or non-fiction memoir/biography of a musical artist?
Do pop-culture books (books surrounding popular entertainment, trends, celebrities) interest you more than books specifically featuring music or musical artists? * *
Would your favorite books be categorized more as high-end literature or as more popular and commercial?
Would curated playlists developed for specific books based on their content interest you? *
How do you listen to music? Check all that apply. *
What was the last concert you attended?
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