Bodywisdom Frome - Fundamentals of Yoga Course registration
Hi - please read and fill in below. Any questions - call me on 07930 442639. Thank you. Namaste, Nicola

Please wear loose and comfortable layers so that you can be both warm and cool enough. We practice yoga barefoot - without socks! Bring a large blanket (and yoga mat if you have one). I will have some spares for the first few classes and have a supply of blocks and yoga straps. Don't eat for an hour before hand - otherwise indigestion will be your main focus.

Make the most of your self-care time:
Arrive 5-10mins before class so that you can settle in. Leave your phone at home or turn to Airplane mode.
When you arrive - settle yourself in quietly and spend time gathering your attention inward (it's easy to get distracted by the social aspect)
After class- drink water. It's important to hydrate ourselves after opening the joints and encouraging detoxification

Enjoy your class:
This is time for you to be yourself. You don't have to feel amazing in order to practice yoga. You are welcome just as you are - warts and all - and to take time out in restorative poses if you are feeling too tired or have physical discomfort. Call me beforehand if you're not sure.
If you're not sure about anything during the class - just ASK.. I welcome questions, reflections and enquiry during the class.

Payment info:
£45/6 classes or £5 cash trial class followed by £45/remaining 5 sessions.
Please pay by BACS or bring cash on the day
BACS: Santander/ Nicola Braybrooke Smith
09-01-29 / 21699096

22nd Jan/ 29 Jan/ 5 feb/ 12 feb/ 19 feb/26 feb
WItham Friary Village Hall
There's only one street in Witham. As you come from Frome - its all the way down the bottom of village just after the church ( before the bend round to the pub) on the right hand side. There is a car park next to the playing field.
If you come from Upton Noble. Go past the pub and its straight ahead - just before the church, on your left, on the corner of the bend. IT'S DARK - BRING A TORCH!

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