8th Grade Band - Road Unknown
Hello 8th Grade Musicians,

1. Make a recording of your part for "The Road Unknown" beginning to measure 118 on Twisted Wave and save as mp3 file (use their default setting & save to your Google Drive, "File" - "Send to Google Drive")

2. Upload your recording on the form (If you have trouble with this part, you can email Mr. Mesner)

3. Listen to your recording and answer the questions below.

4. Your grade will be based on the proficiency of your performance in your recording (how well you preform) and your answers to the questions below.

Due on Wednesday, April 10

Good job! If you have any questions or trouble, email Mr. Mesner and we'll problem-solve.

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If you have trouble with this part, feel free to simply share/email the file to your band teacher.
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After listening to your recording please list your current progress on the technical parts of the the music by listing the following technical factors in order of proficiency (1 - being the best to 3 - needs the most help): correct notes, rhythms, and articulations. Please explain your answers (e.g. 1. I think my notes are best because I noticed that I only missed two notes - one in measure 38 and one in measure 93 or 3. I can improve most on my articulation - I noticed that I mostly slur measures 59-75). Then mark these observations in your music.
After listening to your recording which measures do you perform the most musically? Which measures seem to speak with the greatest sense of musical phrasing and line or with a clear emotional message? (e.g. I can clearly hear how my phrasing grows to the Bb and then relaxes in the beginning)
Please list any sections of this music that you think you should cover in your next lesson and what you would like help improving (e.g. 1. I would like to review measures 12-30 with help on Fs & Es in my part or 2. I would like to review measures 58-67 for help with rhythm)
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