Contract and non-contract broiler farming survey

The recently signed poultry masterplan considers the contract farming as one of the fundamental tools to expand broiler industry, promote inclusive growth and job creation in South African economy. However, there are still mixed findings from the existing empirical evidence on satisfaction of farmers concerning contract farming and its contribution to their welfare. This is an independent survey undertaken by the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) to establish the status qou of broiler production under contract and non-contract farming.


The overall purpose is to assert whether contract farming in broiler production will ensure that farmers deliver on the notable aspirations of the poultry masterplan in South Africa or not. Specific objectives include to examine the experiences of the current contract broiler producers, their readiness or potential to expand and explore the potential for non-contract producers to join in broiler contract farming.


This survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.


This information will be analyzed unanimously and will not be use for taxation or criminal prosecution.

Participation is Voluntary

Please understand that your involvement in this study is voluntary and we respect your right to stop participating in the study at any time without consequence and without needing to provide an explanation. However, once you have submitted your responses you cannot withdraw your answers, as responses are anonymous.

Use of Information

Information will be used primarily to design policy intervention for poultry masterplan under pillar one in programme 1.3 stating "expand and improve the contract farming sector". However, it may also be used in academic journal articles and conference presentations.

Upsetting Issues

It is unlikely that this research will raise any upsetting issues but if it does you may wish to contact the National Agricultural Marketing Council at 012 341 11 15.

Storage of Information

All electronic data will be kept safe on NAMC’s server and managed by Smallholder Market Access Research Unit. It will also be kept on a password protected computer in the same location. Only the principal researcher will have access to the raw data.

Disposal of Information

All the data collected in this research will be kept for a minimum of five years after the completion of the project, after which it will be disposed of by deleting relevant computer files, and destroying or shredding hardcopy materials.


If you have any questions, or you would like further information regarding the Survey project, please contact Mr Lindikaya Myeki: and 012 341 11 15.


Should you have any complaints concerning the manner in which this research is conducted, please contact

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