Herbal Aid Follow-Up Request
This form is for anyone who has already been in touch with Weeds and Deeds and received assistance. It is a request form for follow-up herbal aid. Please complete it as completely as you are comfortable doing so that we know how we can best help you.

If you have never talked to us before, please use the the more in-depth form here: https://forms.gle/Y5EQ7zaMzvpqGh786
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You can also call ‪(850) 739-3341‬
If typing information is difficult for you, you can also call us and leave a message on our help line.
The ideas we will share with you are not medical advice. No state or federal authority licenses herbalists in the United States, so this information is for educational purposes only. Everyone’s body is different, so the remedies may or may not apply directly to you. We hope that they’ll give you some good information to think about and to research further. Good health is your own personal responsibility. The final decision when considering any course of wellness care, whether it’s been discussed on the internet or prescribed by your physician, is actually yours. *
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