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KEEN’s Earth Explorers envisions a generation of bold explorers with meaningful connections to self, community, and the natural world. With the increasingly electronic influences on our children’s lives, KEEN’s Earth Explorers believes in letting kids be kids, outdoors.

Our Program Goals
i. Place-Based: A place-based program promotes healthy development in a stimulating learning environment. Earth Explorers is 100% outside, through all seasons, with primitive facilities.
ii. Learner-led: Allowing children to take the lead fosters their fascination of the world around them and free play opportunities inspire their creativity.
iii. Risk-taking: Encouraging children to take appropriate risks provides real world examples to learn risk assessment and self-regulation.
iv. Social Interaction: Developing healthy social skills and peer-group relations encourages improved communication and problem-solving skills.
v. Environmental Responsibility: Nurturing a connection to the natural world enhances an understanding of our children’s roll as environmental stewards in their local communities and their greater natural areas.

Location and Facilities

KEEN’s Earth Explorers programs are located at the Helen McCabe State Park just five miles south of Ellensburg on Canyon Road. We have limited primitive resources and facilities: including walled tents, propane fire pits, and porta potties.

How it Works

Disclaimer: Plans at the school district, county, and state level are changing daily. This overview is a loose working model than is subject to change.

What does Waitlisted Mean? If we have enough registrations, we will hire additional staff and create a second section of each program. We will not charge a deposit until such time as we know the additional staff are needed.

What will the 20-21 year look like? Dates subject to change.
1. Fall Quarter: September 9 – November 25
2. Fall Quarter Session 2: September 21- November 25
3. Winter Quarter: January 4 – March 19
4. Spring Quarter: March 29 – June 18

What will the weekly schedule look like? Each group will have 8 kids and 2 instructors. If your child is attending ESD for the 20-21 school year, please choose a group that will fit with their hybrid school schedule (should this become an option again). For example, if your child was attending ESD in Group A Kindergarten, she will attend Earth Explorers Adventurers A. If you had selected all-online for the school year, please choose a schedule that works with your plan.

Session 1 - Starts September 9:

1. Adventurers A: Grades K-2, Tuesday & Friday 8-11am
2. Trailblazers A: Grades 3-5, Tuesday & Friday 12-3pm
3. Adventurers B: Grades K-2, Monday & Thursday 8-11am
4. Trailblazers B: Grades 3-5, Monday & Thursday 12-3pm
5. Mountaineers: Grades 6+, Wednesdays 12-3pm

Session 2 - Starts September 21:

1. Adventurers C: Grades K-2, Tuesday & Friday 8-11am
2. Trailblazers D: Grades 3-5, Tuesday & Friday 12-3pm
3. Adventurers C: Grades K-2, Monday & Thursday 8-11am
4. Trailblazers D: Grades 3-5, Monday & Thursday 12-3pm
5. Mountaineers: Grades 6+, Wednesdays 12-3pm
6. Adventurers E: Grades K-2, Tuesday & Friday 1-4pm
7. Trailblazers F: Grades 3-5, Monday & Thursday 1-4pm

Example Schedule (AM Program)

8:00-8:15 Drop Off
8:15-8:30 Opening Circle
8:30-9:30 Free Exploration and Play
9:30-9:45 Snack
9:45-10:45 Guided Nature-based STEM Activity in line with grade-appropriate WA Learning Standards
10:45-11:00 Closing Circle
11:00-11:15 Pick Up


1. Adventurers & Trailblazers - $500/quarter/child, $100 nonrefundable deposit
2. Mountaineers - $250/quarter/child, $50 nonrefundable deposit

Safety Plan and COVID19 Policies – Upon registration, a complete parent packet containing all relevant information and policies will be distributed to families prior to the beginning of each quarter.

a. Health Screenings – Parents should monitor their children’s health for possible symptoms relating to COVID19. We will ask that parents check their children’s temperatures before attending every day. Parents will be asked to keep children at home if symptoms arise.
b. Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures – Social distanced drop-off and pick-up will be enforced every day. We will ask that all people remain in their vehicle until checked in or out and given the okay from staff.
c. Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures – Our facilities will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the start of every day. Facilities will also be cleaned during transition from AM sessions to PM sessions.
d. Facial Mask Policy – All attendees and staff will be required to wear a facial covering as recommended by the CDC.
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