Fayette County Farm to School 18-19 Interest Inquiry
Fayette County Farm to School will empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices by promoting the benefits of consuming locally grown and produced foods.

Why Farm to School?
Bringing the freshness and quality of local products to Fayette County Schools
Helping students & staff understand the economic, environmental and human health benefits of local food
Standards-aligned activities into your classroom
Growing students into healthier adults-- educated about local food production and the demand for local food products

To participate during the 18-19 school year, please submit at least six weeks prior to desired program date.

What Will Farm To School Look Like in My Classroom?

The Fayette County Farm to School program consists of three 45-minute lessons (either taught by a coalition member or the classroom teacher). If taught by YOU, a complete toolkit is available accompanied by PowerPoint presentations on the following benefits of local food:

 Environmental  Economic  Human Health

Each 45-minute lesson may include a Local Food Taste Test in partnership with your school's cafeteria.

Farm To School is designed to address NGSS and KY Core Academic Standards in Social Studies and Practical Living, differentiated for elementary, middle and high school.

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The Fayette Co. Farm to School Coalition has developed Farm To School Toolkits to facilitate the lessons. Each kit contains all three PowerPoint presentations (with notes), activity props, and incentives for kids. Which of the options below would your school like to request? *
If requesting a facilitator, please select the lessons below you would like to be taught. You can choose one or multiple.
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If your school has a garden or Cooking Club, will Farm to School be tied to either of these (or other wellness/environmental literacy) activities? If so, please briefly describe.
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To help us measure the impact of the Farm to School program, we ask that you facilitate the collection of brief pre- and post-survey data. Surveys are provided by Fayette Co. Farm to School. Are you willing to collect this data? *
A Fayette Co. Farm to School coalition member will be in touch with you within 3 business days of submitting this Interest Inquiry to offer requested support. Coalition members you may contact for questions or kits: Tresine Logsdon at 859-619-6472 or tresine.Logsdon@Fayette.KYschools.us Reena Martin at 502-320-6892 or reena@foodchainlex.org Nancy Hiner at 859-288-2344 or nancyg.hiner@ky.gov
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