Pair Programming Match Form
Complete and submit this form by each week to request a partner for next week's Pair Programming session. When the matches are ready we will provide your Partners Discord name, as well as instructions and tips for success.
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What is your email address (use the same one you used when signing up to Chingu)? *
What is your Discord username (Ex. janedoe#1234)? *
To be successful for both you and your partner you must:
1.) Commit to devoting a minimum of two hours with your partner next week
2.) Agree on meeting times AND showing up for your meetings
3.) Choose a challenge you will complete during the session
After reading the above, please select: *
Which Tier matches you current level of expertise? (don't worry if you're not sure where you best fit, the more you do the more you'll learn) *
What Timezone are you in? *
Where are you coding from? (ex. Toronto) *
[Optional] Is there someone you want to be paired with? Please submit their Discord username. (Note that this is not a guarantee)
(Optional) If you have any extra questions or comments, please add them here :)
Thanks for completing this request! We will take a few days to match everyone with a partner. Look for instructions and who you have been matched with in a Discord direct message from us!
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