2018 Living Wage Certification for Durham
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Durham Living Wage Certified Employer.

Our living wage rate is tied to the livable wage rate of Durham County and the City of Durham, which uses the Universal Living Wage methodology and is updated annually on July 1st. Below you will find the current and planned future rates. All members re-certify on the same two year schedule.

7/1/17 - 6/30/19 = $13.35/hour, $11.85 with health insurance benefits (current 2017 rate)

7/1/19 - 6/30/21 = $15.00/hour, $13.50 with health insurance benefits (future)

Our current wage rate is $13.35/hour for individuals without employer-provided health insurance, or $11.85/hour for employees with employer-provided health insurance (employees reimbursed for at least 50% of their cost of health insurance).

For tipped employees, when averaged out, wages plus tips must equal at least $13.35/ $11.85. Independent contractors, who are self-employed and receive a “1099,” must be paid at least $2/hour more than the current living wage rate, or at least $15.35.

An employer may pay less than a living wage to apprentices, temporary or project-based employees, and interns. An employer may also pay less than a living wage to a new hire in a probationary period not to exceed 90 days. All of these circumstances will require additional information and will be reviewed by our certification committee. In order to ensure accurate information from employers, we reserve the right to do random quarterly reviews by interviewing a percentage of their employees.

You can read more about the details of the program and definitions here: http://www.durhamlivingwage.org/definitions

Please fill out the following information to certify your business with the Durham Living Wage Project. If you have any questions, please contact Marta Perrupato at livingwage@durhampa.org.

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Are all current regular full- and part-time employees paid at least $13.35/hr (for tipped employees, wages plus tips must equal $13.35/hour)? If you hire independent contractors that you pay on an hourly basis, do you pay them at least $2/hour over the living wage rate? *
If you did not answer 'yes' to the previous question, please consider the next 3 questions together to see if you can still qualify. If you did answer yes to the previous question, please skip ahead to the Wage Impact and Diversity section.
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Wage Impact and Diversity
The Durham Living Wage Project exists to promote a just economy where workers are paid fairly, employers are successful, and our community thrives. As part of its work, the DLWP seeks to document how living wage certification impacts wage levels and equal employment opportunities. To the best of your ability, please answer the questions below:
Did you increase wages to any employee to meet our criteria? *
If you increased wages, please list the amount of pay raise for each employee and the average hours they work per week.
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Did you increase health insurance benefits to meet our criteria? *
If yes, what is the number of employees with health insurance benefits added?
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Do you offer paid sick time?
Do you offer family medical leave?
Employee Diversity
Please state, to the best of your ability, the number of employees that fall into each of these categories. We recommend that you give your employees the opportunity to self-identify their gender and race/ethnicity.
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Living Wage Certification
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