Kwame Nkrumah Academy Online Parental Excuse for Absence(s)
Parental Excuse for Absence(s)
Please fill out and submit this form the day of or within three (3) school days of the student's absence to provide initial explanation. This will help with daily attendance.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS FORM IS NOT TO BE USED IN PLACE OF A SIGNED Excused Absence form which required. Please stop in the office to fill out and sign an excused absence form or write a note that supports this documentation within 2 days of your child's return. Failure to send a note may required attendance to summer school in accordance with Kwame Nkrumah Academy's Promotion Policy (see Parent/Village Handbook)

1) Students Name
2) Students Teacher or Homeroom Number
3) Date(s) of the Absence(s)
4) Reason for the Absence(s)
5) Parent/Guardian Name and Contact Phone Number

For general questions, call 773-568-8000.

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Student Name
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Student Teacher or Room Number
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Parent/Guardian Name
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Parent/Guardian Contact Phone Number
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Date(s) of Absence(s)
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Reason for the Absence(s)
Reason for the Absence(s)
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