SPPS Report
If you feel unsafe or know someone who feels unsafe, please report it here. After you fill out the form below, an email will be sent to an administrator with all of the details from your report.

What can I report?
• Safety threats, bullying, harassment or intimidation at school
• Safety threats, bullying, harassment or intimidation outside of school
• Cyberbullying; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
• Fights, drugs, alcohol or weapons at school
• Friends who talk about hurting themselves

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Did you report this to an adult and if so, who?
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Who was bullying, harassing, intimidating or causing harm? (include first name, last name and grade if known) *
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Who was the person being harmed, bullied, harassed or intimidated?
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Describe what happened. Give as much information as you can. Let us know if there were any witnesses. *
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