Vander's Convention Booking Form
Hello, welcome to my booking form and thank you for considering me! Below you will find the general information, from pricing to scheduling specific times. If you would prefer to talk to me personally straight away you can message me through my email ( or Facebook Page ( Please read all the information carefully so you can pick the best information needed for us to arrange a shoot!

Additional Shoot Options Beyond Cosplay & Fashion portraiture:
- Boudoir - This can be done in both cosplay and normal outfits. This can work with up to 3 people. To give the client more comfort it's usually preferred to shoot in your own room, but I can usually provide the space if needed. Escorts are always welcome, but preferably one just to keep the room easy to maneuver in. Can be half an hour or hour.

- Craftsmanship - Recommended half hour or even 15 minute sessions for this, I will take highly detailed macro images of the cosplay either on you or on display. Useful for submitting images of your work or showing off your capabilities for commissions!

- Underwater - These sessions can be for a variety of things, either for a character or artistic. Either swim or beach versions of characters, a normal bathing suit shoot, or using waterproof gear to get a unique perspective inside the pool! To have these sessions and to still be able to shoot during the main part of the day poolside shoots will need to be in the early morning (6am-10am) or evening (6pm-10pm) with the 1 exception being waterpark conventions. Earlier hours are possible but it needs to be discussed beforehand.

- Film - The unique look and physicality of this photography genre is now available to you! Shooting with my 35mm film camera I will process and deliver digital images and one digital-edited print to you. If you want a silver-gelatin print, that can be talked about separately.

I will be available from the first day until the last (usually Friday through Sunday) unless noted otherwise. I would prefer to keep all shoots between 10am and 6pm, but alternative times are available upon request. Poolside and Boudoir/After Dark shoots are preferred earlier in the morning or later evening since they require setting up. There is also the option for off-site locations at conventions, but with travel distance/time being considered, a 1 hour session is best then.

If you are looking for a location specific session, there is a separate form here:
For now all convention events are not being considered feasible, but trips to specific regions for individual sessions is still possible.

Current Event Schedule for 2021:
Trip to New York in the Spring

1-4 People AKA Individuals, Pairs & Small Groups
- $50 for a 15 minute mini session. (Best for showcasing an outfit/details)
- $110 for a 30 minute session. (Best for singles or pairs!)
- $190 for 60 minute session. (Poolside, Film, and off-site sessions can only be 1 Hour. Great for large builds!)

For larger numbers it is broken down into 2 packages:
$40 per person for 25 minutes.
$50 per person for 55 minutes.

There is a retainer of 1/2 the price due for any of the session prices ($25, $55, and $95 for the 3 normal shoot options), but full payment is accepted upfront as well. The retainer or entire payment will be fully refunded if I must cancel our shoot for any reason, but I have backup photographers who can take you if circumstances come up. There is a link below in the form related to Pricing & Image Rights, so please read it to make sure you understand

Online payments can be done through Square right after we speak!

~Standard Shoot Procedure & What You Receive~

I will contact (preferably through text or messaging) you at least one week prior to make sure our plans our still all in order. You must notify me at least 24 hours prior to the engagement of any and all changes with the exemption of legitimate emergencies. Notify me of the situation as soon as possible in the case of an emergency. After we meet at our specified time I will take a few minutes to speak over any specific ideas and see if anything has changed now that we are on location so we may adjust. We will shoot for the majority of your time slot.

You shall assist and cooperate with me in obtaining the desired photographs, including but not limited to: specifying the persons and/or scenes to be photographed; taking time to pose for photographs at my direction; etc. I shall not be responsible for photographs not taken as a result of a lack of reasonable assistance or cooperation. If there are certain requests you are not comfortable with (climbing structures or specific poses, etc) we can change to a more comfortable direction.

If possible I'll have at least one preview image ready to send you right then for a quick keepsake of the convention and our shoot, but please request it at the end of the shoot. My turnaround rate can range from one to two months. You will receive as many worthwhile photographs that come from our shoot, which is usually between 5-10 per half hour. There will be a Flickr link with your images slightly above website quality with a logo. If you wish for larger file sizes those can be sent through e-mail or a cloud service.

I do retain copyright in the photographs. Please do not remove my watermark unless necessary, but credit any images if you do. Editing of my images or using them for anything beyond non-commercial use is not allowed through our agreement. If interested in commercial use, e-mail me and I can send you a document with those separate rates.

Purchasing Image Rights:
If you wish to have the rights to the images for printing and selling, there is a $50 fee per photograph, plus a contract for both of us to sign.

This form is only a request form. It is not a binding contract for either party, just a gauge for pricing, availability and information between us, all of which can be discussed. When the deposit is made the terms set above are the ones contractually agreed upon unless written out otherwise.

During conventions I am available for surprise engagements!
I am also available for weddings and events as well!

Thank you for reading and lets begin creating art together!
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