Find Your Calling Istanbul Arts Residency Program by Atelier Muse, invites enthusiastic artists all around the world to Istanbul!

#homemade edition of the program, this year, Atelier Muse invites artists not as guests but hosts at our new space of innovative thinking to make this space home for all of us altogether. Yes, it is a challenge! So, are you in?

Atelier Muse Residency Program, among other projects, initiated in 2017, is the realisation of a lifelong dream of its founder Müge Olacak to add value to life by coming together, exchanging knowledge and creativity with curiosity. The program is established to host artists from all around the world, creating a bridge of understanding between cultures and leveraging the knowhow and qualifications of arts and culture field. Istanbul, a city that is both Asian and European, is without a doubt the best place to get stimulated and inspired. The organisation shares its founder’s believe, that art is a remedy for growing divisions and conflicts in today’s societies and we are able find a common ground by working together in creating it.

Find Your Calling Istanbul is designed as a consultancy program for artists and producers/arts managers who are ready and eager for challenges to move further aside from a production time in the studio.

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