Sliffe Award Nomination Form
Please provide us with some information about you, the person submitting this nomination. If multiple people are submitting one nomination as a group, please have one person submit the letter and provide the name of all co-signers on the "co-signer information" section.
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Nominator's Relationship to Nominee
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Co-Signer information
If multiple people wrote the same letter, please provide all of their information here.
Please remember: The nominators may be:
1. A student, parent, fellow teacher or associate, including school volunteers, or a school administrator. (If two people co-sign this type of nomination it counts as two nominations).
2. You can nominate yourself as long as someone else submits an additional nomination on your behalf (self-nominations even with a co-signer only count as one nomination).
What are your co-signers names?
If multiple, please list; example: 1. Dr. Jones, 2. Betty Smith, 3. Ms. Michaels
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What are your co-signer's emails?
If multiple, please list in same order as above; example: 1., 2., 3.
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What are your co-signer's relationships to the nominee?
If multiple, please list in same order as above; example: 1. Supervisor of nominee 2. Student of nominee, 3. Colleague of nominee
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Nominee Information
Please provide us with some information about the person you are nominating for this award and the school they work at
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Nominee's School
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At what type of school does the nominee teach?
Which AMC Test does the nominee primarily handle?
If this school has a website, please provide here:
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Nomination Letter
It is most important to share the effect the teacher has had on students’ interest and participation in mathematics through preparation for the AMC contests. Providing examples of additional evidence can strengthen a nomination letter such as:
-Comparing scores of past teams from the same school or with schools of similar type, to show improvement;
-Increases in AMC competitions participation or in the number of qualifiers for invitational contests such as the AIME or USAMO; and
-Encouragement of mathematical training outside the classroom through math clubs, coaching students, providing extra mathematical training materials, etc.
Please enter your nomination letter here:
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