2019 Emporia State Marching Hornets and Stingers Camp Pre-registration
Please complete this pre-registration form by July 14th, 2019 (especially important for those staying in the dorms)
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Marching Shoe Size for Winds and Percussion. If you are new to the ESMH, or if your shoes from prior seasons need replaced, please select your size and we will order these before camp. Colorguard and Stingers, please select NA as your sizing will be asked in a different section. Marching Shoes are REQUIRED for Winds and Percussionists - $40 Due at Band Camp *
Glove Size (ESMH Winds Only) *
T-Shirt Size (All Members) Adult sizes - REQUIRED ***These are provided for you along with the ESMH Hats. *
ESMH Rain Jacket Size - Required - $35 due at camp... **If you need a new one because yours was destroyed or misplaced last year, please select your size. *
ESMH Rain Sweatpants Size - Required - $30 due at camp... **If you need a new one because yours was destroyed, or went missing last year, please select your size. *
COLOR GUARD ONLY - Colorguard Sizing Information: Shoe size *
COLORGUARD ONLY*** Have you given Jenn your sizing information? *
STINGERS DANCE TEAM ONLY*** Have you given Anneliese your sizing information? *
Do you have any friends on the fence about joining? If so, give us their name, email address and their section, and we would love to contact them ASAP! (If not, list N/A)
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