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The Tri-Area Public Relations Committee (PR), as a service to Mission Peak, East Bay Central, and East Bay North, has purchased a Zoom business account for use by all meetings without needing your own Zoom account.  The PR Committee is the administrator of these host accounts.

Use this form to request Zoom for your meeting, or to request changes to the Zoom for your meeting.  

A Zoom Host is a person in your meeting that will run the Zoom part of the meeting.  The Zoom host will log in with a special user name and password provided by PR, do other tasks during the meeting, then close the Zoom meeting.  Some meetings choose the secretary.  Other meetings choose a separate person to be the Zoom host.  The Zoom host needs to be using a computer or laptop to host the meeting.  This person can be updated at any time.

PR will: 
- Create the Zoom meeting using standard settings designed to protect anonymity, protect against many forms of Zoom bombing, assign your meeting host, and update the 444hope.org Meeting Schedule page.

PR will use your email address and the host's email address to send the following documents:
- Guideline tips for the Zoom host
- PDF versions of the readings to use in the meeting
- Zoom meeting format template for you to edit for your meeting's secretary (or you can use your own format)
- Guidelines for participants that you can distribute about how to join a Zoom meeting, Zoom meeting etiquette, and how to raise hands in a meeting

All of the above guidelines will also be posted on the 444hope.org Meeting Schedule page for future reference
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