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Thanks for joining our Love Hunt team! With your help, we will start to dismantle the negative perceptions of and provide support for those struggling with mental health issues.
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With this sponsorship level, you get one Love Hunt Day to promote your brand or cause.
Please provide website URL and a written one minute PSA. If you have brochures, business cards or promotional items you would like us to distribute, please call (256)756-PLAY to schedule a time for a 57 North Hampton team member to pick it up.
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Please upload videos that you would like us to promote during the Love Hunt
For GIVERS only
The Love Hunt Award doesn't go to the grand prize winner, but to the individual who used the Love Hunt to spread the most love, kindness and mental health awareness during the two-week hunt. This is a very special award and we want to bestow this first Love Hunt Award in the name of a very special person. Please so us the honors of providing us that name. Feel free to explain why.
Thank you so much for your efforts in making this world a better place! Once this form is received, the contact for this partnership will receive additional information.
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