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Lovada is all about redistributing the wealth of the art market to the people making it possible: the artists.  The place to buy and sell unique artwork on your own terms, using blockchain technology, ultimately benefitting and supporting the artist.  All without stifling your creative freedom.  

We'll primarily be doing this through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens to provide a backbone for verifying ownership of unique artworks*. At Lovada we believe that many existing NFT platforms fall short due to their lack of regulation (allowing fraudulent artists to mint someone else's artwork), or contrarily being over selective and removing the openness and equality that the art market should promote. We hope to strike the perfect balance, creating a low barrier for entry whilst still allowing full creative freedom.  Most of the existing platforms that contain around 90% of the NFT market are built on the Ethereum network which currently creates extremely high costs between $80 and $200 for each NFT issued, thus oppressing the small individual artists.  Through Cardano, these costs will be significantly lower: less than $1.

In order to help us build a community driven platform that can achieve all these goals, we are requesting users to fill out the following form to register their interest for the Lovada Art Marketplace, helping us prioritise the community's desires. Artists will be verified manually, and all users will be sent a registration link when we go live, so stay tuned!

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* If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of NFTs for artists you can read more about them here: https://gritdaily.com/the-role-of-non-fungible-tokens-in-art/
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