Your Feedback for the NJ Transit Substation Project in Bay Head
Please list any of your comments / concerns about the NJT project here in paragraph form
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Did you receive notification from NJT about this project via certified mail around April 2016 ?
Did you send a RESPONSE / COMMENT to the mailing ?
Should NJT hold a PUBLIC HEARING and COMMENT PERIOD for this project ?
Your level of ENVIRONMENTAL concern for this project:
How will this project impact HISTORICAL PROPERTIES in town ?
Should NJT reconsider the LOCATION of the substation to other property that does NOT impact the wetlands ?
NJT investigated 7 alternate locations; several have no temporary or permanent impacts to wetlands.
Should NJT reconsider the use of a DIESEL GENERATOR? Either eliminate or replace with a natural gas alternate (no spill risk).
Should an UNDERGROUND POWER FEED be considered in lieu of the proposed OVERHEAD WIRES ?
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