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This form was developed by members of the FairShares Association to make it easy for people apply for membership of SEi (FairShares) Ltd on the basis of a qualifying contribution. The process normally takes less than 5 minutes and it sends the application to directors of SEi (FairShares) Ltd for approval/rejection.

Members of SEi (FairShares) Ltd have to accept the company's Articles of Association. If required, please read them here:

FairShares IP is licensed using Creative Commons. Therefore, as a condition of use, the information you enter will be added to a FairShares database so that members can use it to help develop services (like this one) and undertake research into how FairShares is used. The applicable licence is:

You do not have to pay anything - this is a free service. The service guides you through the process of generating a membership application.

The email address you give below is the email address of the applicant .

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Do you accept that your responses and any documents generated are governed by a Creative Commons licence? (Responses you give will become part of a shared database available to members of SEi (FairShares) Ltd for the purposes of service development and research).
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Do you accept the terms of membership defined the Articles of Association for SEi (FairShares) Ltd?
SEi (FairShares) Ltd is the trading arm of Social Enterprise International Ltd. It is constituted as a FairShares company.
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