Help us plan the summit by answering the following questions. The sliding scale for the summit this year will be $10-30/person. This is just a suggestion, though, and we encourage people to donate based on their own economic situation. Please bring cash if you have it. Thanks!
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We will only use this to text people during the summit if there is any important news. We have no idea how to sell information like this and we have no time to or interest in sending non-essential texts. You'll probably never hear from us.
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Where are you travelling from?
Do you need childcare to attend the summit?
Do you want to be part of a carpool?
If yes, make sure you tell us how to contact you and where you are coming from.
Do you want us to help you find a place to stay in Chicago?
If yes, make sure you give us your contact info.
If you are in Chicago, how many out-of-towners can you host in your home?
If any, make sure you give us your contact info.
Please list any dietary restrictions.
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