(For general use)Ruby Prize 2019 Recommendation Form 【Until Friday, August 23】
The Ruby Prize was established in 2013 to evaluate contributors to the Ruby Community, in order to promote the expansion and usage of Ruby.

The results of the Ruby Prize 2019 will be announced at the RubyWorld Conference 2019 held on November 7th.

The guidelines for nomination are as follows: https://rubyprize.jp

1) The candidate shall in general follow the Ruby Guidelines

2) The candidate shall be a single person who, in the past 2 or 3 years, has contributed to the Ruby Community.

※You may nominate more than one person

※Past recipients of the Ruby Prize may not be considered for nomination

Please nominate a person who is apt to receive the Ruby Prize 2019

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If the nominee's full name is unclear, please use their ID or a common name used among developers. Self-recommendations are also welcomed.
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