2019 Next Level Summer Camps - Overnight Staff Application
We are looking for the hardest working individuals that have the best attitudes and believe that camp is all about EVERY SINGLE CAMPER having tons of fun and safely progressing in his/her riding. These individuals should be selfless, positive, responsible and dedicated to the purpose and mission of the summer camp. The Liberty Snowflex staff will have ZERO Tolerance for things that violate our code of conduct. Such things are as follows:

No bad attitudes
No drugs or alcohol
No tobacco use
No theft or vandalism
No weapons, violence, or abusive language
No bullying of any sorts
No material of a pornographic nature
Nothing of a sexual nature whatsoever (i.e. jokes, looks, harassment, touches, etc.)


You will be responsible for leading morning coaching sessions and adding to the hype of the free-ride session each night by lapping with the campers and helping to facilitate contests/events. Your job begins in the morning before you arrive at Liberty Snowflex when you take your coaching group to breakfast and begin to facilitate a learning environment by talking with the campers about what they are planning on working on for the day. Coaches are encouraged but not required to participate in afternoon activities with the campers.


You will be responsible for the care and coordination of your assigned campers during lunch, free-time activities and dinner. You will need to get the campers to their meals starting with lunch, take them around for afternoon activities and get them to the dorms to sleep eat night. You will also be responsible for investing into the lives of the campers and encouraging and comforting them throughout the week.

*Female staff spots are very limited due to the number of girl campers we historically have had each year. If you want to work camps make sure to encourage girls from your local mountains to attend!

**Due to the ages of most of our campers, staff is required to be 18 or older aside from extremely limited junior counselors.

This is a formal application for the Next Level Summer Camp staff position, please treat it as such.


Sunday, July 7 - Friday, July 12

Sunday, July 14th - Friday, July 19th

*Staff is required to arrive on Saturday evening for a dinner debrief/training, paperwork and night session from 6PM - 10PM.

It is not required for each staff member to be here for both weeks but we do prioritize applicants who can work both weeks.. Pay for each individual is private and will not be disclosed online. Please contact libertysnowflex@gmail.com to discuss the pay. Travel to and from the camp is completely up to the individual and must be locked down before the end of April (plane tickets must be booked).

Please visit the following website and read all the information about the camp. Email libertysnowflex@gmail.com if you have any questions:


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