Welcome to ASMR Southernbell Personal Video Request Form
Thank you so much for your interest in a custom ASMR video by ASMR Southernbell

A few rules before requesting a video:

1) I do not do sexual, lingerie, bikini, etc, so all requests including these types of content will be promptly deleted. Same goes for anyone requesting anything homophobic or racist.
2) Currently, I am doing a max of 6 custom videos a month.
3) Request are on a first come first serve basis. A request is not considered completed until payment in received.
4) This video is for personal use only and is not allowed to be used on youtube/twitch/facebook/tiktok/twitter/ or other social media platforms.
4) Once the form is received, you will get an email confirming if I agree to the request. Once confirmed and the request is appropriate, you will receive a link to pay via paypal.
5) Payments are made in USD, so please be sure to select USD when paying through paypal and they are non-refundable.
6) Videos take approximately 2 weeks from confirmation email to complete. Delivery will be to the email you entered on this form or via google drive share.
Looking forward to making you sleepy soon!
Thank you for your support

-ASMR Southernbell
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