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If you answered yes above, please provide details, and if needed the name and contact details of your medical practitioner.
Please list any interests, skills or experience related to the Powerful Owl project.
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Are you happy to email five to ten others working in your area(s) to ask them if they want to join you when you head out?
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How much experience do you have observing Powerful Owls?
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Expert, know their calls and good at finding them.
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Are you happy to walk for over an hour, or prefer not to walk much? We may offer adjacent areas to the one(s) you signed up for depending on these answers and the terrain.
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If you are familiar with GIS and Google earth, you can sign up to work by giving me the reference number of either the territory, potential territory or random location you want to work. Instructions to give the reference number where you want to work are here: Please enter the reference number(s) where you would like to work.
Would you be interested in helping process owl acoustic data?
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Would you be interested in bringing a computer to the BirdLife building in Dutton Park to go over processing of acoustic data which you would then go home to help with?
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