Somerset County Peace Vigil Committee
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Willing to list publicy as area action coordinator?
Are you currently connected to protest site coordination? Please provide details, what sites, what organizations, . . .
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Are you a member in any organizations that are willing to be part of this response network and to help support the actions that will be forthcoming? Pleaes provide details.
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What frequency do you think you would be able to particpate in events assuming they were occurring when you do not have a conflict?
Please check off the following tasks you are willing to perform in support of quick mobilizations: Sharing announcements to multiple groups, pages and other outlets?
Multiple tweets to media and others?
E-mails to media?
Phone calls to media?
Phone / Texting Friends / Colleagues?
What are some ideas you have on how we can build a more effective NJ - wide action response mechanism to protest war escalations and threats?
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