Notice for Special Event
Some co-op sponsored events may be uninsurable. It is important that special events be authorized. Please complete
the FIELD TRIPS NOTIFICATION FORM ( before the field trip and sent to the college coordinator.

Complete the NOTICE FOR SPECIAL EVENTS 30-45 days prior to the special event and send to the college coordinator in order to assess the degree of risk and determine the need for proof of insurance.

Special Events must be authorized by the college. THE COOPERATIVE SHALL NEVER SIGN A WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY UNLESS AUTHORIZED BY THE COLLEGE COORDINATOR. Please see Appendix H of the Risk Management Manual for all details -

This Form is for co-op sponsored events that are NOT part of the regular preschool curriculum and/or may include people not regularly enrolled in the preschool class or college course. (events such as picnics, guest exhibitors at preschool, other family events, rummage sale, concert, puppet show).

Please complete this form at least 30 DAYS before the scheduled event.

For events where alcohol will be served and/or fundraising items include alcohol, approval is required from the college Program Coordinator and OPEP Risk Management Chairperson at least 45 DAYS prior to the event.

The following questions correspond to Forms A and B in the Risk Management Manual, Appendix H. BOTH FORM A & B must be submitted to the college program coordinator for approval of the event. The college program coordinator must forward FORM A & B and any other required insurance certificates or license to the OPEP Risk Management Chairperson.

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