British Library Labs application for Digital Research support (2020)
BL Labs supports researchers wanting to carry out research using the British Library's digital collections and data, providing technical, curatorial, legal and other kinds of expertise / practical help.

We are able to provide up to 5 days support to help you develop a project idea that uses our digital collections and data. In that time we will help you understand the collection(s) you want to work with and provide technical, curatorial and legal advice about your project. We can also help you with scope, costs, time, risks and any other relevant issues.

We review and select applications at the beginning of each month. If your application is selected, we will work with you to provide targeted support to help examine and develop the project.

We recommend that before you submit your idea using this form, you have already explored the data you are interested in and contacted us at for some initial guidance.

The BL Labs Team
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