St. Ambrose Aftercare Program Feedback
This survey was created by the St. Ambrose Aftercare committee and STL Sitter. Responses will be discussed among the committee, St. Ambrose administration, and STL Sitter to create a new aftercare program for your children! A Fall 2019 STLS aftercare program proposal is available online at for your viewing. We appreciate your feedback!
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How many children do you currently have enrolled in the aftercare program? *
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What features do you like about the current St. Ambrose aftercare program? *
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Are there any specific changes or protocols that you would like to see implemented in order to efficiently run this new program?
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Have you heard about STL Sitter? ( *
Are you interested in enrolling in the 2019 Fall Semester Aftercare program proposed by STL Sitter? *
If yes, which payment option is best for your family?
What time do you normally pick your child/children up from the aftercare program?
STLS will be offering pickup without penalty until 6pm, with an additional 15-minute grace period until 6:15 if you text the on-call manager. Is this a helpful addition for your family?
Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the 2019 STLS Aftercare proposal? *
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Snacks are not currently included in the proposed STLS aftercare program fee. Do you want snacks to be provided for your children, for an additional fee? *
Do your children suffer from any allergies/illnesses that would require special care? Epi Pen administration etc?
Would your child utilize homework help at the aftercare program?
Are you in need of before-school care?
Your enrollment fee in the aftercare program automatically includes a discounted annual membership to STL Sitter in-home services. Is it likely you will utilize your STL Sitter membership for babysitting, tutoring, or pet sitting appointments within the year? *
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