Climate Leadership Program Application
Applications are due at noon on Monday October 14, 2019. Applications received before Oct 17 MAY be considered.
Successful applicants will be contacted by email beginning October 15, 2019
Successful applicants must accept the offer with in a day of their notification.

Applicants must also email a pdf of their resume to
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The information you provide is confidential and gathered to support the Regeneration Learning Society (the Society) in delivering the Climate Leadership Program (CLP) and related Society projects. All information will only be used by Society staff or program facilitators. You must agree to the terms below to apply and participate in the CLP
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Use someone who is familiar with you in a leadership role. They don't need to be an employer. Please mention what your relationship is with the reference.
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Oct 24-27 2019 Dec 5-8 2019 Jan 10-12 2020 Feb 7-9 2020
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What attracted you to your present work? How have you dealt with parts of your work that give you dissatisfaction? *
Tell us about a time that you exercised leadership. *
Where do you see yourself in five years, if your wildest dreams came true? *
(Voluntary). Let us know what equity seeking communities you identify with.
Identify barriers to your participation that the CLP can address.
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