Annual Montrose Parade of Lights Entry Form
A greatly anticipated, annual event designed to bring holiday cheer to the Montrose community.
Brought to you by the City of Montrose, AmeriGas Propane, Montrose Police Department,
Montrose Sheriff's Posse, and the Montrose Lions Club.

Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 5:30 PM

Parade Entry is FREE

Theme: A Very Vintage Holiday
Email address *
Rules and Procedures : Parade begins at 5:30pm
● Candy, gifts, or objects may be distributed hand-to-hand ONLY. It is illegal to throw items
● The City of Montrose will provide the only live Santa Claus for the event
● The designated color guard group will lead the parade, followed by the grand marshal and Montrose High School
Marching Band; ALL other entries are welcome on a first come, first served basis
● Keep a copy of your application to give to the judges stand. Numbers will not be assigned
● All city laws and parade rules will be enforced: violators will be cited and removed from the route
● Headlights must remain on from check in through disbandment
● Verbal or messaged personal attacks and disagreements, the use of profanity or ethnic, racial, or gender-oriented slurs
are prohibited, as is any “disorderly conduct” which violates state or local law and shall not be permitted
● Foul or uncooperative behavior by anyone at any time during the event will result in removal
● Group representatives are authorized to remove anyone displaying disruptive behaviors
● Montrose Municipal Code prohibits open alcohol containers
● Remember, during the parade:
● Keep a slow pace (1-3MPH) so that the crowd can see and enjoy your entry
● Maintain a close yet safe distance with the entry in front of you
● Minimize exhaust fumes between walking and motorized entries by allowing approximately 50’ between entries
Street Closures 3:30-7pm/parade conclusion
● N Nevada Ave from North 9th Street to North 1st Street
● N 1st St from North Nevada Avenue to South Stough Avenue
● N Stough Ave from North 1st Street to East Main Street
● Intersections of North 1st Street and North Lot Avenue, and North 1st Street and South Pythian Avenue
4:30-7pm/parade conclusion
● E Main St from North San Juan Avenue to South Rio Grande Avenue
Streets will be closed to thru traffic; access for residents and registered groups ONLY
No parking allowed on the north side of East Main Street from North Stough Avenue to South Rio Grande Avenue
Lineup/Registration/Staging (3:30pm-5:15pm).
Entries arriving later may participate but will not be eligible for judging
Float, Vehicle, and Walking Entries
● North 9th Street and North Nevada Avenue
o Enter from North Townsend Avenue and proceed to registration at North 9th Street and North Nevada Avenue
o Entire assembled group MUST REPORT TOGETHER for registration
o All entries must pass a safety inspection at check-in:
▪ Unsafe entries and violators of traffic laws, rules, and regulations will be removed from the lineup
▪ Height limit: 13’ 10”, measured from street to highest point on the entry
▪ Floats: participants cannot sit on the edges or dangle their legs off the entry
▪ Floats: Station adults to escort floats at four corners, from registration through disbandment, keeping safety
in mind for participants, attendees, and themselves
▪ Headlights should remain ON starting at registration, during parade, and at disbandment
o After inspection, a parade entry number will be assigned
o Staging area starts at registration at North Nevada Avenue and continues to North 1st Street and South Stough Avenue
Musical, Livestock, and Vehicle Club Entries
● North Pythian Avenue and South 2nd Street
o Register at the gate at the Montrose County Fairgrounds
o Entire assembled group MUST BE TOGETHER for registration
o Livestock entries will be grouped at the end of the parade
● Parade starts at the corner of East Main Street and North Stough Avenue at 5:30 pm, and proceeds west on East Main Street
to disbandment at North Rio Grande Avenue.
● Judges stand: North side of East Main Street at South Uncompahgre Avenue
o Criteria: use of lights, use of theme, originality, and overall grandeur.
o Come to a full stop at the review stand for 15-30 seconds so that the judges may assess your entry
● Disbandment:
o North Rio Grande Avenue at North 1st Street and North Selig Avenue
Past Awards (winners will be announced on Facebook via the “MyMontrose” page). Minimum awards:
1st Place: $250 in Montrose Bucks 2nd Place: $150 in Montrose Bucks 3rd Place: $100 in Montrose Bucks
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Alexis Foran, Community Events Coordinator
City of Montrose, Office of Business and Tourism
107 S Cascade Ave, Montrose, CO 81401 or call 970.240.1402 for details
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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