PTF Earth Care Survey
We are a group of South Florida PCUSA members who are interested in starting the conversation on Earth Care in our Presbytery. Please spend a few minutes providing information about how you, your congregation and the Presbytery are or could be approaching the issue of Earth Care.
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Please provide the name of your Church and your role (pastor, elder, member, friend, other).
Which of these activities is your Church currently doing or considering? Pick all that apply.
Working on it
Thinking about it
We are certified as an Earth Care Congregation
We usually use Fair Trade Coffee at the Church
We make Fair Trade Coffee available to members for purchase
We always or mostly use reusable plates, cups and cutlery
We have installed one or more energy saving item at our Church (like LED lights or efficient appliances)
We have installed solar panels at the Church
We include Earth Care in our worship
We include Earth Care in our education
We have native landscaping on our grounds
We advocate for Earth Care issues in our community
Please add any comments you would like to add about the above
What is your vision or suggestion of how the Presbytery could become more active in Earth Care issues?
What is your vision of how the Presbytery could help your congregation become more active in Earth Care issues?
What other information would you like to share?
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