Accommodation Survey
The Student's Association will be making an agreement with Residential and Business Services about the future of accommodation in St Andrews. The results of this survey will inform that agreement, so please let us know your views.
I am...
I currently live in... (If you have been forced to move by the Coronavirus pandemic, please put where you lived before you had to move)
What is your family household income?
Considering your current needs and financial situation, please rank the following options in order of preference
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice
6th Choice
7th Choice
8th Choice
Self-catered, Standard, Shared
Self-catered, Ensuite, Shared
Catered, Standard, Shared
Catered, Ensuite, Shared
Self-catered, Standard, Single
Self-catered, Ensuite, Single
Catered, Standard, Single
Catered, Ensuite, Single
Does the financial support given to you by the Government and/or University comfortably covers your affordability costs.
Has the cost of accommodation impacted on your student experience?
How much could you afford to spend on accommodation per year (including bills, wifi, food etc) without seriously impacting your student experience?
Please add any other comments about accommodation in St Andrews below.
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