2018-2019 Team Questionnaire
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Which response team are you from (full name and acronym)?
What is your team's current address?
How many members are on your team?
Which level are you members trained to respond?
What is your team's training schedule?
What level of funding does your team have? Who provides your funding (school, campus security, student union, etc.)?
What advanced medical directives does your team currently have? What do you plan on implementing?
What kind of service does your team provide (24/7, afternoons, weekends, weekdays, event only, etc.)
Does your team plan on NCCER 2019 in Montreal from March 8-10th?
What items or topics would you like to see addressed or featured at conferences?
Would your team be interested in hosting a conference such as NCCER 2020?
What items/goals would you like to see ACERT achieve in the coming months?
Would you like to see an online forum for team and members to discuss issues and ideas?
Would you and your team be open to seeing a document sharing platforms for executive members of other response teams?
Do you have any concerns about a document sharing? How can we mitigate those concerns?
Please upload your team's current logo (so we can update the website)!
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