Digital Engagement Survey for Housing Associations
1. Do you believe your housing association is doing enough with regards to digital engagement? *
2. Does your housing association have a dedicated member of staff for digital engagement? *
3. Does your housing association have a system allowing tenants to check balances and pay bills online? *
4. Which of the following best applies to your organisations activity & responsiveness on social media? *
5. Do you believe your organisation’s website is fit for purpose? i.e. Does it perform all the tasks and provide all the information that is required to effectively provide all required services to your tenants and customers? *
6. Has your organisation made any changes to its digital presence as a result of the updated Scottish Social Housing Charter, introduced in April 2017? *
7. Does your housing association have a mobile application for tenants? (An app where tasks such as paying rent or contacting the HA can be carried out with ease.) *
8. Which of these channels does your housing association make use of to keep it’s tenants informed? *
9. Has your organisation signed up to the Scottish Digital Participation Charter? *
10. Does your housing association offer choice based letting? *
Finally - Please indicate how you heard about this survey *
If you would like to ;
1. Enter the prize draw
2. Discuss Digital Engagement
3. Discuss web or app development
then please complete the simple form below, and a member of our digital engagement team will contact you to confirm your participation in the draw and discuss anything else you may wish to discuss
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