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We will be streaming the results live on our Facebook page and on Zoom. If you don't have access to Facebook let us know below and we will email you a link to join the Zoom session from your web browser.
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PLEASE ENTER FULL NAME BELOW TO AGREE: I declare to the Organisers, Meitheal Mara (CLG), that I have full legal authority and capacity to complete this registration on behalf of myself and/or any participants whom I am registering. I understand that I/we have entered the Ocean to City Virtual Challenge at my/our own risk and that the Organisers will not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury incurred before, during or after the event. I declare that I am/we are fully fit to compete. I understand the demanding physical nature of the challenge and accept that I/we will be participating entirely at my/our own risk. I/we waive any rights or claims for damages I/we may have against the Organisers, Members, Associates, Partners and Sponsors from any loss, damage, illness or injury as a result of my/our participation in the event. I declare that I/we will adhere to the highest standards of health and safety and will not put myself or others at risk. I also declare that the rowing machines / equipment used are in excellent working condition and suitable for the needs of this challenge. I declare that all participants will be proficient in the use of these machines. I give my permission to Meitheal Mara to use my/our name(s), details, quotes and photographic or film image for promotional and marketing purposes. Please note that your contact information will not be released to third parties.
Fun Time Challenge Bragging Awards Submit Video/Images to info@oceantocity.com referencing your race no.
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