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UC Irvine’s Outdoor Adventures Team Up! Challenge Course workshops require a lot of planning to create a quality program for you. In order to get the most out of your short time with us, we need your valuable experience and knowledge of your group. By working closely together and sharing information, your group and the Team Up! staff can create a great adventure learning experience. Also, it is not only important that you understand the purpose and practice of the Team Up! program, but that you convey this information to the rest of your group. This knowledge will help your group to be adequately prepared to participate.

Team Up! workshop objectives are accomplished through interactive games and initiatives. Workshops typically involve physical and/or mental challenges that involve cooperation, trust, risk, effective communication, and creativity. Initiatives are followed by group discussion, which are crucial to the effectiveness of adventure education. Through discussion, the workshop experience is tied to the participants’ personal lives and related to their work within the organization.

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