Survey on Affinity card/Loyalty card by VV OGA
~ This survey is intended to look for views of the membership for implementing an affinity card/Loyalty card for the VVOGA

~ For your convenience, few terms are briefly described below.

* What is an Affinity card? - An affinity card is a type of credit card issued by a bank and a charitable organization (Eg-VVOGA) whose logo appears on the card. Each time the card is used, a percentage of the transaction is donated to the organization (in this case to the school).

* What is a Loyalty card? - A card issued by the VVOGA that entitles the holder to discounts on the prices of some products or services.
Are you currently using a credit card /cards? *
If yes, who are the service providers (banks)? *
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If VVOGA introduces a co-branded credit card (Affinity Card) with school’s logo on it are you willing to obtain one by getting a new credit card or by converting your existing credit card from the same bank in to an affinity card? *
What is your preferred bank for an affinity card? *
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If VVOGA introduces a loyalty/privileged card are you willing to purchase it? *
What will be the outlets that you believe that should be dealt with if a such Loyalty card is launched? *
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Do you have any other innovative suggestions in promoting/motivating membership of the VV OGA?
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New members Subcommittee 2018/2019 – VV OGA
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