Budget Survey - Parents
Based on the comprehensive needs assessment, how should we spend our budget? Please Rank in order of preference 1-10. (1 is what you want most, 10 is what you want least.)
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Science Teacher *
Intervention- after-school and Saturday tutoring *
Intervention coordinator- analyzes data to identify instructional needs. Develops and monitors student intervention plan. Oversees ELLP program and tutoring. *
Community Rep. - runs Parent Center. Is liaison between parents and school. Provides resources for parents. *
Categorical Program Advisor - coordinates and provides parent and family engagement activities. Ensures effective functioning of the School Site Council and English Language Advisory Committee. *
Psychiatric Social Worker- provides specialized services to identify students to remove emotional, behavioral and family crisis barriers to learning. *
Teacher Assistants -supports teachers with classroom instruction. Assist students with small group work, helping them learn fundamental skills (letters, sounds etc.) *
ComputerWiseKidsInc. - computer lessons run by trained technology technician learning programing, keyboarding and other necessary skills. *
Psychologist - provides specialized pupil services for individuals or groups of students. Provide prescriptive activities for teachers working with these students. *
technology- (indirect service - 10% of budget allowed.) *
Other- write in other ideas.
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