Current Yr 5 to 6 Transition-Nudgee College Music Department Musical Instrumental, Singing (Voice) and/or Theory of Music Application Form
Dear Parents/Guardians of Year 5,

We hope that the opportunity to learn a Musical instrument has been a positive experience for the boys in Year 5. As we approach the end of the school year, it is time to look at how the program will conclude and to discuss new possibilities for your son’s continuation in Music.


If your son has enjoyed learning an instrument in the Year 5 Music Program and wishes to continue on their allocated instrument (or start a new one), he has the option to apply for Instrument lessons for Year 6. Continuing lessons beyond Year 5 will attract an additional charge for tuition. These can be arranged in one of two formats; Group Tuition or Private Tuition. Students usually have 8-10 lessons per term.

We presently offer tuition in the following areas:

 Keyboard – Piano (Classical/Popular)
 Woodwind – Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon.
 Brass – Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium / Baritone, Tuba.
 Strings – Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass
 Guitar - (Modern/ Acoustic / Classical, Electric)
 Bass Guitar - (Acoustic/ Electric)
 Percussion - (including Drum Kit, Timpani & Mallets).
 Voice - (Classical & Contemporary)
 Theory of Music - (ANZCA or AMEB)

Group Tuition:

This is the tuition method the boys have been accustomed to in Year 5. Once again, the boys will come out of class for one 30 minute lesson per week with a small group from their grade that plays the same instrument. The positive side of this form of lesson is that the boys can continue to learn with their peers and the cost of lessons are less expensive than full private tuition. In a group lesson the cost for the tutor is “divided” amongst the group. The current Group Tuition rate has been set at $23 per student for a 30-minute group lesson. The group lessons will have a minimum of two boys and maximum of five boys allocated to each group. The College will allocate the boys to lesson groups depending on the applications received. Group tuition is only available to Year 6, from Year 7 onwards we encourage the boys to move to Private Tuition. Please note that this option is only available to boys wishing to continue on the instrument they learnt in Year 5. Students wishing to start a completely new instrument will need to opt for private tuition.

Private Tuition:

This is the normal style of Music Tuition provided both at the College and at Music Schools in the wider community. In a private lesson, the students have a one on one Instrument lesson with the Music tutor. The lesson is highly individualised to address the needs of each student. The boys are individually withdrawn from class for a 30 minute lesson private per week. Students in this style of lesson also have the option to take part in ANZCA or AMEB Musical examinations if they choose. The current rate for private tuition has been set at $35 per 30 min lesson.

Music tuition fees are payable directly to the College at the end of each term and will be added to your College
Tuition Account Fee. It would be appreciated if you could settle your account within two weeks of receiving the invoice.

Most music lessons take place during class time and students are withdrawn from class for 30 minutes on a rotating basis through the day. Limited places are available for before school, after school or lunch times and these are at the discretion of the Tutor and priority for these times are given to Year 11 & 12 students. Students learning a Band/Orchestral instrument or Voice at the College ARE REQUIRED TO BE INVOLVED IN THE APPROPRIATE SCHOOL ENSEMBLE ONCE THEY HAVE REACHED A SUFFICIENT LEVEL. Please complete the Expression of Interest Form for Music Ensembles
where your son would like to be considered for an audition or direct entry into one or more music ensemble/s once he has reached the sufficient level.

There are Music Studio Concerts during Term 3 and 4, where ALL STUDENTS are expected to perform to the level of their experience.

Students are able to loan, free of charge, a variety of orchestral instruments from the College (except Piano, Guitar & Drums). The loan of instruments is subject to availability and the needs of the ensembles.

If you would like your son to continue Instrumental Music tuition please complete the following google form.

It would be appreciated if this could be done before the end of the school year, so that we can keep their instrument aside. The names of these boys will be added to the tutor lists and you will be contacted early in New Year by the Music Tutor who will organise their first lesson for the year. The Boys who continue tuition will also be eligible and expected to play in the Junior Band or Junior Strings.

If you have any additional queries about the program, please feel free to contact one of the Music staff using or on one of the numbers below.

**Applications may also be made online via the Music page via the College Web Site.

Mr Brett Foster
Co-ordinator of Music

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