Application to Serve on QUEST Team
CoLeaders: Kendall Clark and Shema

Team Meetings
- Sunday, March 4 – 5-7pm
- Sunday, March 11 – 5-7pm
- Sunday, April 8 – 2-4pm
- Sunday, April 15 – 2-4pm
- Sunday, April 22 – 2-4pm
- Sunday, April 29 – 2-4pm
There will be team overnight in April - we'll try to find the best date for everyone

QUEST weekend: May 4-6 at Immanuel United Church of Christ in Lafayette, IN
- leave South Bend by 3pm on Friday
- return to South Bend about 6pm on Sunday

Team fee: $100.00 (discounted to $50.00 if currently serving on LOG #95 or LOG #96 team.

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