Agile-Lean International Conference, Frankfurt - Call For Speakers
Closing Date: September 27th 2019
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Due to Europe’s GDPR data regulation, please review and check the appropriate boxes below. I understand the information I provided will be used to review my speaker application for the ALI Conference and possibly future meetups. This data will be utilized by the event organizers to keep me informed about this Call for Speakers and the appropriate events via email and other communication methods. Should I be chosen to speak, the event organizers will have further communication with me as will ALI volunteers to guide the speaking process for me. My name, organization and job title might be published in an event schedule and website for attendees to view and network with me. In addition if I am chosen to speak and participate in the event, scanning services will be provided to exhibitors at this event. This allows exhibiting companies to scan an attendee badge and collect basic business card information including name, company, job title, email, phone and basic demographic data.
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