2018 Ultimate Peace North American Leader in Training (LIT) Application
Ultimate Peace Summer Camp will take place at Kfar Silver in Ashkelon, Israel from July 8th through July 16th. All staff (including LITs) must be present for the entirety of staff training and camp. In addition to the summer camp there will be a "training camp" for older, more experienced campers which will take place from July 4th through July 8th. There will not be an LIT position at the training camp, but US LITs are strongly encouraged to attend training camp as campers.

LITs must arrive for the summer camp between 9am and 11am on July 8th, and stay through the morning of July 16th. If you are attending the training camp as a camper you must arrive between 9am and 11am on the morning of July 4th and stay through the end of summer camp.

First time NA LITs need to older than 14, need to be in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, and cannot have graduated from High School.

LIT Role Expectations:
1. Participate in preparatory communication between North American (NA) and Middle Eastern (ME) LITs, facilitated by NA and ME LIT Leaders
2. Meet fundraising requirement for participation (more details in final section of this application)
3. All LITs are strongly encouraged to participate in part of the annual Ultimate Peace Friendship Tour (more details in final section of this application)

At the Summer Camp
1. North American LITs will work alongside ME LITs as well as coaches from around the world. Jobs will include anything from helping plan practices, participating in drills, practice activities, team-building, and working with individual players, to filling water bottles and retrieving snacks.
2. Other staff duties include helping with non-Ultimate activities such as: other sports; photography; arts and crafts; music; organizing gear; setting up fields; dorm duty; and nightly LIT and staff meetings.
3. While social time is important, it is expected that LITs put their responsibilities to other staff members and the campers first. It is important that applicants understand that while camp is an incredible and life changing experience, it is also exhausting and very challenging.
4. LITs are expected to positively impact the Ultimate Peace community by communicating openly and honestly with other staff members, taking care of jobs both expected and unexpected, and remaining enthusiastic and encouraging throughout the week of camp.

Thank you for your interest in Ultimate Peace! This application is due by Sunday, February 25th at 6pm EST.

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