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Information about submissions:

-All submissions are subject to review before being watched.

-Just because you submit it does not mean we will watch it right away. Give us time to get through the ones already submitted and the ones we are really excited for.

-Keep them to 26 or less episodes, If they are longer than that you can still submit it just no promises on if or when we will get to it.

-Please no hentai or borderline hentai. If you aren't sure, submit it and we will let you know. If you submit anything like that it will either be added to the patron only que.

-Please submit 1 anime at a time. You can submit multiple forums but please keep each 1 to an anime.

-No Live Action or any other shows that are not classified as anime. Those options will be patron only episodes.

If you submit something and want it added to the voting queue for Partron exclusives, please message us on https://www.patreon.com/featuredanimepodcast  or in the Patron Discord.

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