j$250 Cash Event
Hey everyone! Welcome to my latest event, sign ups. This giveaway will be for $250.00 CASH! The biggest prize yet! Last time we did $100 - So I am expecting an even bigger, better turn out for this event!

This is a paid only event.

To ensure we get plenty of coverage, but also limit the amount of entry options, in the giveaway. This way all entries get completed, and we aren't overwhelming entrants, and we're all getting more follows!

My past gift card giveaway events have gotten thousands and thousands of entrants, and entries. I am expecting an extremely large turn out for this one, with the more limited entries.

If you share this giveaway to help get more sign ups (HTML is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N1MmKofFGOeyims7hntmn3owwhwwB0ESNdwXGvHMEMI/edit?usp=sharing) you can take $3 off of any option you choose. So if you share the giveaway, and want one link, submit $5, instead of $8, etc.

Here are all of the options:

1 link in the form - $8
2 links in the form - $14
3 links in the form - $20
5 links in the form - $25
Cohost - NOW CLOSED.

All entries will get entrants 3 entries, for completing. If you choose a daily option, entrants will get 1 entry, per day.

----All co-host spots for this event are taken. Please check back on the next event!-----

I will accept 3 co-hosts for this event. A co-host spot costs $30. This will get your name on the giveaway image, your blog link, on all participating bloggers pages - 7 links on the form - All giving 5 entries, for each one (You can choose one to offer 25 entries.) You will also have your Twitter handle on the giveaway Tweets.

All payments can be sent to: maypojr@gmail.com

** Please note - It will be REQUIRED to post the giveaway event, once it is live. If you do not post within the specified time (I give at least 48 hours AFTER the event is live.) then your link will be removed, and no refunds will be given.**

Sign ups for this event will close on 10/01. The giveaway will go live on 10/04 and will end on 10/29. The giveaway will also be open to worldwide entries, to ensure we get as many entrants as possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at aaron_amanda(at)live(dot)com.

Thanks for signing up! I know this will be our biggest event yet : )!!

IF you refer 3 or more people, I will give you a refund for your purchased links!
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Amanda Tempel
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Lil' Blog and More - http://ratsandmore.com
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All payments can be sent to: maypojr@gmail.com
If you share this giveaway, you can take $3.00 off your total. The HTML to share is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N1MmKofFGOeyims7hntmn3owwhwwB0ESNdwXGvHMEMI/edit?usp=sharing
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