SES-Zambia Client Survey
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1. How often do you access your SES benefits a month?
2. My SES membership was processed on time.
3. I received my membership cards within 5 working days.
4. I am happy with my interactions with SES
5. SES staff are friendly and always go above and beyond to ensure my needs are met.
6. I believe a personal/corporate account manager would improve my experience
7. I find the process of renewing my SES membership very straight forward.
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8. I fully understand my SES membership and the benefits that are available to me.
9. I fully understand how to utilise the SES service. E.g. pre-authorization, emergency numbers, how to claim etc.
10. I have received a hassle-free experience when visiting listed hospitals on the service provider network.
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11. Which Clinic(s) or Hospital(s) do you utilise most frequently?
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12. Are there Clinic(s) or Hospital(s) that you would like to see on the list of service providers in future?
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13. The SES call centre have always been very helpful and assisted me in the best way possible.
14. I experienced no difficulties obtaining pre authorisations to receive treatment.
15. What can you suggest SES can do to better your experience with the SES call centre?
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16. I have never experienced any difficulties making a claim with SES.
17. In your opinion where do SES best cater for your needs?
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18. In your opinion, what do you think SES could improve on to better service your needs
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19. Overall, I am very satisfied with SES as our health insurance providers.
20. Considering your experience so far with our services would you recommend SES to a friend or colleague?
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