【Kamakura Inter FC】Application Form for Participating Trainings
Kamakura Inter FC is recruiting new players for 2020 season to realize the vision of our club. Please send us the application form, and we will contact you for the possible training dates.

※ Addendum (2020/6/20)
The team lineup has been completed, so the possible training dates are TBA (when/if transfer or injury occurs). But we may arrange the training dates for players who maybe the ready force.

・Healthy male over 18 years old・Person who can pay the membership fee without delay.
・Person who can participate the team activities (Every Wed & Thu 20:00〜22:00 in Yokohama. Sat & Sun irregularly)

・Please bring your training wear, soccer shoes, leg guards.
・Please bring your own drinks.
・The participation fee is 2000 yen for 3 participations. Please pay in your first participation.
・The club cannot be responsible for your accidents and/or injuries during the trainings, or your trip to the ground.
・Please note that if you’re injured during the training, we will give you the first aid, but the club cannot be responsible for the care thereafter.

Please fill the necessary informations in this form, and send the form. And we will send you the mail of (@kamakura-inter.com)domain. If your form is incomplete or incorrect, we may not contact you.

【Club Info】
We are running 2 teams in 2020 season.

Team Name : Kamakura Inter FC
League: Kanagawa Pref. League Div.2
Member: Consist of 25 players of around mid 20s

Team Name : Kamakura Inter FC Satellite
League: Kanagawa Pref. League Div.2
Member: Consist of 25 players of wider range of age from 18〜40 years old.

Homepage : http://kamakura-inter.com/
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